Affiliate Earn Money

  • Katfile gives its users an opportunity to make money from Reselling premium accounts.
  • The Reseller program is open to both Free and Premium account holders.
  • Basically, you buy a number of Premium accounts at a discount and sell them individually to your customers at your desired price.
  • The initial discount for new Resellers is 20% and slightly higher for trusted affiliates.
  • In simple terms, approved Resellers purchase accounts from at 80% of their normal price and then pocket the profit after selling them to other people.
  • Katfile does not control any payouts. Individual Resellers are in full charge of their earnings, which significantly reduces the risks involved.
  • To become a Reseller, open an account and load it with a minimum of $2000 then send an email to the sales team ([email protected]) requesting for approval.
  • You may be required to provide detailed personal information, including but not limited to:
  • Your name and country of origin
  • Region, or country where your prospective customers come from
  • Your desired payment methods
  • A rough estimate of how many accounts you can sell every week
  • Your account information
  • Site owners are often more likely to be approved as Resellers than individuals, especially if they have active sites with decent traffic.
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