Premium Account Premium Benefits

  1. Browse with no ads
  2. No time delays when downloading files
  3. Extremely fast download speeds
  4. Ability to resume downloads that were stopped or interfered with by network or computer problems
  5. Protect your files with passwords and other safety features to ensure that only people you approve of can view and download them
  6. Download an unlimited number of files at once
  7. Store your files on the platform for longer periods than on the free account
  8. Upload larger files of up to 20 GB
  9. Share your files with an unlimited number of people
  10. No limits on the number of files you can upload and download multiple files per day
  11. Highly responsive and 24/7 customer support
katfile premium speed Premium Prices

  1. There are different types of Katfile Premium accounts available, depending on your preferences.
  2. The available plans are typically divided into 30 day/90 day/365 day/Lifetime options
  3. The 30 days option costs $18.99, translating to $0.63 per day and comes with 10 TB of secure storage space plus an extra 50 GB of bandwidth every day.
  4. The 90 days plan costs $52.99, which is around $0.58 per day. It, however, gives you the same 10 TB bandwidth and the 50 GB daily discount as the 30-day plan. The only difference is that the benefits run for 3 months as opposed to just one.
  5. The 365 days plan goes for $119.95, also averaging about $0.32 per day and covers you for 6 months, and for $17 less than you would have to fork for the above plans. The benefits are, nevertheless, the same.
  6. To get the Lifetime premium subscription, you need to fork out $439.99, which translates to $0.10 per day. By buying this plan, you save up to $340, which is more than the cost of the 365-day package.
  7. All the payments are one-time and no automatic renewals.
  8. Payments can be in the form of cash channeled through PayPal or wire transfer or in the form of Bitcoin.
  9. The caliber of payment channels used guarantees maximum safety and confidentiality, especially as you can choose to keep an anonymous profile.
  10. Refunds are also provided, albeit on a case-to-case basis, where the services received are not satisfactory, or were not as promised.
  11. The refund policy requires that users submit requests for refunds within 24 of purchasing a subscription, or before receiving the services.
  12. The company does, however, not payout partial refunds.
katfile premium benefits